Beer is great isn’t it?

And let’s be clear about this when i say beer i don’t mean that carbonated piss they squirt out of fancy pipes in most pubs. If you’re the kind of person who reckons preferring Stella to Carlsberg is the sign of a discerning and educated palette, you’ld best sneak off to another blog about now…

Go on off you go, and close the link behind you…

Good o.k now we can get on.

We’re talking real beer, cask conditioned, alive.

That glorious fusion of malted barley, water, yeast and hops in all its infinite variety.

We’ll explore each of those in later posts but for now just sit back and remember those mythical pints. Beers i’ve known and loved. Each one tied to the places and people that accompanied the drink.

As the molecular gastronomist Herve This so rightly said

“Awful food with good people is good, Good food with awful people is bad…..

so avoid awful people”

In no particular order

1 Felinfoel Double Dragon. 4.2%

A wonderful full flavoured pint. Served wonderfully in the Walnut tree Rowhedge  (sadly now a house) during the early nineties. Many pints enjoyed on the walk home in a take out carton, or “double flagon of double dragon”

2 Pendle Witches brew 5.1%

Finished 2nd year exams, so into the Reindeer Norwich. (Now an Elgoods pub with somewhat erratic opening hours) The plan a pint of everything on offer, The witches brew was about the second one to taste. What an extraordinary mouthful of fruitiness. A real meal in a glass, probably best savoured rather than necked, though i think on that occasion probably went down pretty quickly. Always gone by the time i get to the beer festival, so rarely revisited sadly.

3 Youngs oatmeal stout 5.2%

Its 1992 a summers day in Wimbledon. Even the fact that Wet wet wet have been number one for about 6 years can’t detract from the revelation of this fantastic beer. Sadly no longer brewed i can only trust that my memory of that creamy rich flavour is right. Sank several that day so should be engrained in my mind pretty well. Later that night my gf was sick in my trousers, ( i wasn’t wearing them at the time)

4 Greene King IPA  3.6 %

O.k o.k i know what you’re thinking, you’ve been with me up to now, but where has this low grade session beer come from.

Pay attention, its not just the beer, but the time and place. I wouldn’t waste my time and money on it now, but this was the first beer i bought and drank. In the Freemasons (currently derelict) late ’80s. Following some energetic dancing or some thespian pursuits, that first hoppy mouthful and thirst quenching draft still has something.

5 Woodforde’s Neslon’s revenge 4.5%

My current beer of choice, its a crime that this fabulous beer hasn’t won the awards that its sister Wherry has picked up. A full flavoured premium bitter that really hits the spot. Try one next time you’re in the Kings head in  Norwich, or visit the brewery, hell i might even be there to take you on a tour.

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