Le Petomane

Joseph Pujol was an incredible man with an even more incredible claim to fame.

Our story starts when Joe was about 7 years old and went on holiday to the seaside. While he was in the sea quite a lot of water seemed to find its way into his bottom.

One can imagine this disturbing a young boy, but he must have got over it because by the time he’d joined the army in his teens he’d developed a rather novel party trick.

He would entertain his mates in the barracks by filling a basin of water, dropping his pants and sitting in it. Then by breathing in and twisting his body he was able to suck the water into his anus…..and then blow it out again!

Now maybe it’s just me, but i reckon that’s pretty funny.  I’d pay money to see someone do that.

He took the act further by doing the same trick with air. By drawing in air and controlling his muscles as it was released he could play notes with his farts. It’s thought he could play about 4 or 5 notes, so would sing the rest of the tune and parp at the appropriate moments.

He became an entertainer doing impressions and musical numbers as well as blowing out candles and playing whole tunes by means of an ocarina and a length of hose.

He really hit the big time playing the Moulin Rouge in Paris, where he was the biggest and highest paid act they had.

By the time of the first world war, the act had faded and he ended his days as a baker. After his death there were requests from scientists at the Sorbonne to examine his body. But he was buried and took the secret of his extraordinary skill to the grave.

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