John (mad Jack) Fuller

Mad Jack Fuller (1757-1834)

Was a great English Eccentric. As MP for Rose Hill in Sussex he caused uproar and was ejected from the house when he referred to the speaker as “the insignificant little fellow in the wig”.

He was a supporter of science, loaning money to the Royal Institution and establishing the Fuller medal.
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He was also a great builder of follies, of note is the Sugar Loaf Folly at Darlington. The story goes that he bet a neighbour he could see the spire of Darlington church from his estate, and finding he could not, promptly built a replica.

Sugar Loaf Folly

He built a pyramidal mausoleum at Brightling where he is interred. It is said that he wanted to be placed inside to avoid being eaten by his relatives.

“The worms would eat me, the ducks would eat the worms, and my relations will eat the ducks”

Rumour had it that he was seated inside in full dinner suit with a bottle of claret and a birdcage. Renovations to the tomb in the 1980’s however found that this was sadly not the case.

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