Music you can’t live without #3

5 bands you probably never heard of

1 Mean red spiders. A great blues band from Ipswich. In the early nineties these guys were the business. Their memorably titled album ‘nude guitarist in red lettuce frenzy’ is great.

mean red spiders 1987

Last time I saw them they had morphed from a great blues band into a fairly average pub rock outfit. Sad…
2 The Boze brothers
Down-home blues and roots duo. Followed them quite a bit back in the day and they produced two memorable tapes (yes tapes) of tunes and trad songs.

Chicken aint nothin\’ but a bird

Guitarist Ashley Dow continues to stomp his stuff in the excellent Rag Mama Rag.

3 Sydney’s Unmentionable Mermaids
A scratch band formed and recorded during the tudor recreation at Kentwell hall in 1553 (1992) The soundtrack to a great year. The C45 tapes with hand-coloured covers providing some great tunes and better memories.
the mermaids

4 Bass instincts
Found this album in a charity shop, recognised some of the band as regulars on the local ceilidh scene. It’s a jolly little thing, but the Purcell recorder piece really stands out.

Stripper's Waltz 1986

They appear to have reformed and are back in action find them on myspace

5 Waveney

This short lived super-group emerged out of the UEA halls of residence in 1992. Over two booze-fuelled recording sessions they cut their only album ‘ bold as concrete’
The following morning, having shaken off the rum and shrub hangover, promptly split  citing musical indifferences.

Apologies for the appalling sound quality, actually just apologies

made in Burma

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2 Responses to Music you can’t live without #3

  1. Libby says:

    Hello! I’ve been trying to work out who you are, but none the wiser I’m afraid. My copy of the Sydney’s Unmentionable Mermaids recording was pinched (it was in the stereo that was pinched actually) when I was at uni in the 90s. I’ve been trying to track down another copy. Any chance you might be able to help? It brought back good memories of several events and I still miss it.

    • 53ideas says:

      O.k so only 5 years later Jack finds this message and wonders. :did he ever reply? Does Libby still want a copy of this old tape? I have it as an mp3 album. if you still there and want a copy let me know an email and i’ll send it over!

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