I’m not the same as you!

O.k count to ten.

Just do it already, i’ll tell you why in a minute. Count to ten in your head.

O.k done?

How did you do it?  Seriously how did you process those numbers. See how many people do it the same way as you.

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7 Responses to I’m not the same as you!

  1. Barbara Zanditon says:

    I seem to have a multi-sensory counting mechanism of which I was entirely unaware until now: I say the numbers out loud (or under my breath if others in hearing) – at the least feel my mouth forming the numbers – slight little tongue movements plus I pressed down on the little finger of my left hand when I said one – did not continue to press the other fingers but in my head a visualisation/sense of this physical counting going on plus I see numbers though again, very vague – not bright in front of my eyes but somewhere in there – and possibly they are different colours but not enough to be able to say what they exactly look like.

    • 53ideas says:

      Thanks Barbara. very interesting. Particularly the tongue movement which is one i haven’t come across before. it’s fascinating to find out how other people do these simple things and to think about how you do them too.

  2. Robert Slinn says:

    I just say the numbers automatically without any visualization or thinking.

    • 53ideas says:

      If you are counting to yourself without speaking the numbers out loud how do you know when you have reached ten? When you say ‘you say the numbers’ how do you do this?
      Counting objects is a whole other ball game

  3. Pansy says:

    Numbers 1 to 10 I see around a clock-face, or rising vertically as far as 12, whereupon the numbers go horizontally to 20, then vertically downwards – but when I start from 20, 20 appears top left and numbers proceed horizontally to 30 where they again switch frame. So I seem to be continually adjusting my visualisation! I hear the numbers in my head as I see them, and the numbers don’t “pop up” individually – they’re all there somewhere but out of field of view . . . 🙂

    • 53ideas says:

      Thanks, very interesting method. A variation on the scrolling tape which other people have recorded. I don’t think we have anyone with synaesthesia yet it would be interesting to see if they get colours or smells rather than any of the more common methods

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