Classic kids book


By Clement Freud 1968.

The sequel Grimble at Christmas was published in 1974 i bought the bumper double edition in 1976 through the wonderful Puffin book club.

Grimble is a boy of about 10 who wakes up one day to find his parents have gone to Peru.

During the week he visits friends and neighbours, all of whom are out, and makes his own dinner. Leaving a lot of mess and even more washing-up. His parents leave him notes around the house by way of support,including one on a squashed fly biscuit.

Monday  Grimble visits the mosquito’s and makes coconut tart

Tuesday Grimble plays Twinge at school, then has boiled eggs and mayonnaise at the Featherstone’s

Wednesday Grimble doesn’t learn about Peru since the teacher “never does South American Countries on Wednesdays” He has potato pancake to eat behind Aunt Percy’s buff door

Thursday Grimble makes burnt chocloate sauce at the station

Friday Grimble makes a trifle and his parents come home.

As well as being a top chef, and inventor of trifle a la Grimble, the boy is also something of a poet

The Horse

By grimble

A horse has got more legs than i
But fewer than a centipede
H wears a bridle instead of a tie
and is sometimes called a steed.
The End

In the sequel Grimble is concerned that his disorganized parents are not doing anything for Christmas and sets out to make it special himself. Delivering christmas trees and establishing the Grimble Home Toast Delivery Service to raise money for onion talc and a turkey.

Thankfully everything works out with a surprising after soup announcement and a christmas tree hidden his shed.

A wonderful couple of stories which i’ve read too many times to count.

The book was read on the BBC children’s television show Jackanory and (according to the dust jacket) Freud received 23,500 letters about the work, including 64 letters of complaint from domestic science teachers who thought the book disgraceful.

J. K. Rowling, Neil Gaiman and Lauren Child have cited the work as being a favourite book of theirs.

refs Grimble and Grimble at Christmas  Puffin books 1976

Grimble on wikipedia

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