The Wow Moment

Had a very interesting discussion last week about the ‘wow’ moment. Those memorable, sometimes life changing moments. Quickly realised that actually it is not enough to be ‘wowed’ by something, there are other stages which you go through, usually, in quick succession, which make some experiences more meaningful than others.

For example show me a caravan blowing up and i’ll say “wow” but ultimately be left asking “so what?”

"cool but who cares?"

On the other hand give me a handful of custard to play with, and i’ll go away with a revised view of the world.

I think the process is broadly as follows.

Wow “never seen/ heard/ felt/ thought that before”

Aha “I see what’s gong on here”

No! “Hang on a minute, if that’s the case what i previously understood must be wrong”

Woah “I ‘ve adjusted my world view, and recognise the implications of what i’ve experienced”

So how about an example?

As i’ve written here before, coconut crabs are cool. So what happened when i first came across them?

I read about them in a book and was amazed to learn there were such crazy critters (wow) Reading on i realised that this is a wonderful adaptation giving these crabs a real advantage over their competitiors (aha)

Then i realise that these are crabs that climb trees! Crabs, that climb trees! I mean there’s a crab, that can climb a tree and get a coconut. Get that. A coconut collecting crustacean. Can that really be true?? (no!)

Hang on now if we live in a world where crabs can climb trees, what other weird things are out there that i don’t know about? This world we live in is full of the most bizarre creatures, there’s really no need to invent aliens, ghosts and homeopathy. You want weird shit, take a look around you. (woah)

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