Periodic puns

“How do you get the attention of a gold prospector?”

“Ay You”

“Where did iron man take his A-levels?”

“FE college”

You get the idea

So the plan was to get a table full of such tenuous puns ready for science week 2011. A tree got in the way of plans and time is running out this year. So your task should you wish to take it on is to fill the gaps!

You can see how it works, send me your suggestions as a comment and i’ll update with the best of (the obviously truly awful) viewers thoughts. So, download and let me have them!

joke table

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5 Responses to Periodic puns

  1. Zoe says:

    Would you like to hear a Spanish silicon joke? Si!
    Know any good soduim jokes? Na…
    Right, enough jokes about chemical symbols, not even potassium! K?

  2. jut says:

    You’re saying I don’t have an unusual gold plated lady part? Au contraire.

  3. jut says:

    Iron lady… what a rubbish follow up to iron man

  4. Regan says:

    Here are a few:

    What do have do to before you seek Rogen?

    Which element always ponders the meaning of things?

    Which gas turns a blind eye to bad things?
    Xeno(n) evil.

    Where does a chemist cook dinner at sea?
    Gallium (Galley-um)

    What do you call an oceanic robot?

    What’s the opposite of freezium?

  5. Tom says:

    In what country would you find Parisium…?

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