What’s your crab?

Interesting day today talking to some scientists and science communicators at BIG about what excites them. What’s the thing that really makes their face light up. Such a powerful emotional hook when someone telling you something is so excited by it themselves.

For me one of these is the coconut crab

So hence the question ‘what’s your crab?’

Share yours as a comment please

Today I learnt that Dolphins are born tail first and can pick things up with their penis, and that hagfish are the real homey with the foamy


Octopus proved popular, but a range of crabs were submitted.

Did you know?

An octopus has 3 hearts, a beak, can open a jamjar and has a wandering penis once mistaken for a parasite

We are all made of stardust

A single cell of your body contains a length of DNA the same as your height

Mexico celebrates the day of the dead, dig up your relatives and have dinner with them.

In a black hole time stops and get too lost and you will suffer spaghettification.

Clownfish families live in an anenome. Mum is in charge, dad next, all the children are boys. Sounds great until mum dies whereupon dad changes sex and chooses one of the sons as a new mate

Look out the window. Spot something horizontally 5.5 miles away and you’re looking through more air than if you look through the atmosphere at a star

If you took all the viruses in the ocean and laid them end to end they would reach to the andromeda galaxy and back 25 times

Medieval cathedrals don’t contain cement. the stones are packed up with mortar only helping them to balance

some types of jellyfish are immortal

When rabbits are happy they jump and twist in the air. This has the wonderful name ‘Binky’

We don’t know what most of the universe is made of

100 million neutrinos from the sun pass through your thumbnail every second!

The rate at which we are using up fossil fuels compared with the time they took to form is like spending your annual salary in the first 30 seconds of the year

Wombats are interesting creatures. They produce cuboid poo and leave this at the highest point of their territory. An armoured bum protects the from rear attack and they can charge at 40 Km/h

Eels only spawn in the sargasso sea but are found all over the place. The ultimate tourists?

A snake can swallow things 5 times the size of its head

Ants can lift things 10 times their own body weight

A single gene mutation in fruit flies can leave them with perfectly formed legs sprouting out of the head.

If the sun were the size of a football. The next closest star, Apha Centuri would be in Singapore!

Light takes 100 thousand years to travel from one side of the galaxy to the other.

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