In a world of cynicism and and negativity, one voice cries out in the darkness.

“It’s not all shit”

O.K most of the time, most of the stuff that life throws at us is, at best, a disappointment. But every now and again a little light is shone into this bleak wilderness. Those little moments of enlightenment, and pleasure. Those little things that make you think that it might just be worth holding onto the mortal coil for another day or two just in case……

Before you ask. I don’t think there’s anyone out there holding the torch that shines this light. There is no special purpose or ultimate aim other than to pointlessly pass on our genes to another generation who will be just as bored and confused by the whole process as us.

Here’s where i share those little things i’ve stumbled across; stuff like beer and coconut crabs, simulacra and petrichor, enjoy and share.

I guess i should say at this point that the posts here are my own opinions, excreted from my age-raddled brain and not necessarily those of anyone i might work for, owe money to or otherwise represent. Blah blah blah.