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Funny finger fings #5 and 6

Double teeth Cross your fingers. No, no not that much, Just a little bit like this (pic) so your finger tips are next to each other. Now run the tips of your fingers along to top of your teeth. It … Continue reading

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Funny finger fings #2

It’s late. I’m in a field (don’t ask) A man approaches, we exchange glances and nod our hellos He comes closer, raises his hand with his palm towards me and says “Put your hand against mine” Naturally i do as … Continue reading

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Glowing Gherkins

The first time i saw a gherkin glow was a moment i shall long remember. Tim Hunkin stood with cables raised aloft like a latter day Frankenstein and produced an eeire glow and stunned silence. http://www.timhunkin.com/ Later i was to … Continue reading

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Sock science

Ever slipped off those silk socks at the end of the day and noticed a slight crackle? Perhaps a small spark or smell of ozone? Robert Symmer did and in 1759 published the results of some detailed sock static science. … Continue reading

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