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Classic kids book

Grimble By Clement Freud 1968. The sequel Grimble at Christmas was published in 1974 i bought the bumper double edition in 1976 through the wonderful Puffin book club. Grimble is a boy of about 10 who wakes up one day … Continue reading

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The Man With a Hole in His Stomach

In 1833 Doctor William Beaumont published “Experiments and observations on the gastric juice, and the physiology of digestion” In it he described the results of the experiments he had carried out on one Alexis St Martin A French Canadian soldier … Continue reading

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Clifford’s egg

Once upon a time there was a boy called Clifford. (Well actually he wasn’t, he was called Stephen, but for reasons too complex to go into now he was known as Clifford) Clifford was not the greatest student in our … Continue reading

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